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I Googled for an answer…

Like I always do, I Googled for an answer this morning. The answer as to why it’s so hard to let go. Down to the very smallest thing I own… I have issues of letting go, throwing away, turning to something new. Facebook reminded me of “the old” this morning with a photo taken 10… Continue reading I Googled for an answer…


Freeing Space For “New”

We hold on to things that remind us of our comfortable box. Our safe place. The box that is familiar and doesn’t require uncomfortable change. Clothes, books, memorabilia, etc. At times we take it a step further and hold on to places, people and situations as well, for the very same reason. Yesterday I decided… Continue reading Freeing Space For “New”


Can We Decide To Make Ourselves Happy?

I’m really starting to wonder if the advice “If you’re unhappy, do something about it,” really is the best advice. Is there really nothing else you can tell a person that’s miserable with their life? There has to be another option. Can they truly lift a finger or turn a page and find happiness just… Continue reading Can We Decide To Make Ourselves Happy?


Turning Around-Letting Him Lead

In every positive quote or story they say, “Don’t look back!” My question is, what if we left God behind us? Then in that case we most definitely must stop in our tracks, turn around, and position ourselves to the correct order of things. HE is leader, and I am the follower. To speak for… Continue reading Turning Around-Letting Him Lead


My Poem: Butterflies

it’s my butterflies and every little thing about you. your bio’s my chorus, cus my song’s not right without you. came at the right time, end of verse one, my perfect rhyme straight to the bridge connecting it all, your bio’s my chorus, song’s so high, never to fall  this is my favorite song of all time. Last name charming, with… Continue reading My Poem: Butterflies