Following Christ · Self-Love

Frustrated For Purpose

When the water starts to boil you know it’s almost ready. Maybe, just maybe my tears and pain have boiled for so long, God is telling me to take the pot off the stove and share what has marinated to perfection.

Following Christ · Self-Love

Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes

How To See Through His Eyes See yourself through God’s eyes by 1. staying in his word 2. staying in worship and in praise to develop that relationship. Just as you date a person they profess their love and how they adore you. God does the same. The World Blurs Your Vision Mingling with the… Continue reading Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes


Who I was, Who I am: Thoughts of Emeli Sande Songs

Who I Was: Emeli Sande’s song “Clown” brings me to reality… I’ve always felt like instead of boosting me up, taking my side, those around me used me as entertainment. Those that were miserable and unhappy in their lives brought down my mood, or self image, because they knew they could. Instead of returning their… Continue reading Who I was, Who I am: Thoughts of Emeli Sande Songs

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My Poem: Beautifully Free

Tired of pretending, smiling as if it doesn’t hurt Trying not to cry took a lot of work Allowed you all to mold me, becoming something that I’m not Which is fearful, ashamed, and easily taunt   Accepted opinions instead of thrown them away Created a hole, empty, shallow enough for air, and colorlessly grey… Continue reading My Poem: Beautifully Free