Following Christ · Poetry & Writing

Poem: Broken Pieces

Fix my broken pieces, I’m calling on you Jesus Cus I’ve been hurting myself for far too long Tryna connect with every sad song I know enough to know, I’ts time to let go Cus I cant do, nothing without you. Afraid to smile in fear I’ll jinx it all Safer to hang my head cus at least… Continue reading Poem: Broken Pieces

Poetry & Writing · Self-Love

My Poem: Beautifully Free

Tired of pretending, smiling as if it doesn’t hurt Trying not to cry took a lot of work Allowed you all to mold me, becoming something that I’m not Which is fearful, ashamed, and easily taunt   Accepted opinions instead of thrown them away Created a hole, empty, shallow enough for air, and colorlessly grey… Continue reading My Poem: Beautifully Free

Following Christ · Poetry & Writing

Poem: Student/ Morning Devotional

So I wrote this “why me” type of poem this morning and then read my morning devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. God kinda knocked me on the side of the head and said “CHILL OUT. I GOT YOU.” So many times we question God asking WHY ME? I prayed this morning this very question. Wondering… Continue reading Poem: Student/ Morning Devotional

Following Christ · Poetry & Writing

My Poem: Hallelujah For Trials

The best thing he ever did was come against me in the first place. Because now I’m filled with God’s power, & covered in his grace. What once would break me & steal my joy, Now draws me closer to Jesus, no longer annoyed. Learning to worship in the darkest of times. The best lesson… Continue reading My Poem: Hallelujah For Trials

Following Christ · Poetry & Writing

My Poem: Hosea

Heart’s bleeding for love,And its beating to a sad song. He’s brought me to a place I never thought I’d beLarge dose of reality, the book of Hosea, was all about me. Ms innocent I thought I was, and everyone broke my heart.But ms. guilty I stand accused, God’s heart I tore apart. I’m the… Continue reading My Poem: Hosea

Following Christ · Poetry & Writing

My Poem: Mr. Wait For Me

So I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve learned to discern What type they are, from the many heartbreaks and burns   They’re all looking different but most the same plan Acting Christian, churching it up, but still a man   Yes, we’re all of flesh, and temptation arises However, sadly leading to relationships ending… Continue reading My Poem: Mr. Wait For Me

Poetry & Writing

My Poem: Hate You On Paper

You knew it was comin’ sooner or later. I had to hate you down on paper.Still trippin’, on how in the worldCant understand how I became your “girl”How can an angel fall for a lameOnly thing escapes me is your nameBut I cant forget how you think you played meBut in all truthfulness, you got played… Continue reading My Poem: Hate You On Paper