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First Professional Conference Presentation

Where I Will Be Presenting My First Professional Conference Presentation


Tomorrow I will be presenting at the 7th Annual Information Literacy Conference. This will be my first ever conference presentation. If someone would have told me in undergrad that I would be speaking in front of people in a professional atmosphere, I would not have believed it.
 Now that I speak for a living, I love it and can’t 
seem to stop talking.

If I could give any words of advice to those in a profession that requires public speaking, I’d say to first be CONFIDENT. You must first believe in yourselves or no one else will. Know what you are speaking about. Unless acting is your first career, getting up in front of  a crowd not knowing the sky from the ground can be a very uncomfortable situation. Practicing is a must. Just don’t over do it. Over practicing can have adverse affects on your presentation. Prepare items for the presentation. Any handouts, prizes, and or PowerPoint/Prezi slides must be prepared well in advance. Be sure to look over each item for errors. Lastly, Have FunIf you are excited while presenting, chances are, your enthusiasm will become contagious to the audience as well.


I’d love to hear any suggestions you all may have for giving the best presentations possible. Please share advice for first timers as well as veterans. Presentations always have room for improvement. Wish me luck!