Freeing Space For “New”

We hold on to things that remind us of our comfortable box. Our safe place. The box that is familiar and doesn’t require uncomfortable change. Clothes, books, memorabilia, etc. At times we take it a step further and hold on to places, people and situations as well, for the very same reason.

Yesterday I decided to get rid of some old clothes. Some items were stretched, boring, and a few were discolored. I held on because I wasn’t ready to go searching for something new. I held on to the outfits because they made me feel comfortable. Despite the weight loss and new found confidence, these clothes were what I was used to. Why give them up? What benefit would I gain to get rid of these clothes I’ve had for so long?

The answer is to make room for better & brighter. The time has come to select clothing that is best suited for my new body! The time it takes to change our outward appearance (working out/eating healthy) is awarded with the option to escape the old and try something new.

The same concept is applied to getting rid of our old mentality of “I’m comfortable. Why change anything at all?” At times God will open doors and we miss opportunities because we are TOO COMFORTABLE.

My decree is to not only get rid of junk physically, but to rid myself of the “old” mentality to make room for a new outlook on life. It’s refreshing to throw away old items, and do a little “spring cleaning”.  Once I finished trashing my old clothes I could see space in my drawers. I felt lighter!

Imagine how light your spirit would feel if you declutter your life and look to all the new possibilities the Lord puts before you…


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