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Waiting On All The Wrong Things

I question if my desires are right. Yes, I can use the excuse of, “I’m human. God knows my heart.” But is that justifying the fact that I at times long more so for companionship, children, marriage and a white picket fence?

We are to desire what God desires. And yes he wants us to be happy, but doesn’t his happiness, and the mission to please him come first? When our desires are not lined up with his, we get off track. A lot of times we may even get what we want, but not in the way we want them.

2 failed marriages, 1 miscarriage, and 1 terminated tubular pregnancy later, I still can’t seem to get it right. I have to be reminded that these things, these material possessions, these people to comfort me, the babies that will eventually drive me batty with love, of these things none of them compare. I waited, wanted, and obsessed to have these images of happiness. BUT IT WAS NOT GODS TIME. Nothing compares to the mere idea of joy and satisfaction that God and his spirit can give us. And that’s something we don’t have to wait for.

What is it that you have been waiting for? What have you been dying to have within your reach? Why kill your joy with worrying and the constant disappointment that your day hasn’t arrived?

Wait on God and live his plan. Change focus from what you are waiting on that keeps you on edge about, “When. When When?” Focus on the WHO that provides the complete joy that everyone longs for.

Waiting is natural. And most things may even line up to God’s will. But IS IT GOD’S TIME? We also have to remember that obsessively waiting is a complete distraction! That waiting that has you frustrated, depressed, or losing focus on your purpose in the Kingdom.

Solution: Keep doing God’s work! Be so lost in it that you don’t realize you are still waiting. You will be so deep into what you’re doing, that you won’t realize that your days of waiting are coming to an end. 

Psalm 27:14 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.


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