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Spiritual Upgrade

I had my phone stolen a few days ago. For a social media junkie like me that was a major adjustment. I had to downgrade to my old phone that was half its size. Not only was it hard to scroll through pages & newsfeeds I had no memory card that allowed me to take pictures and it was difficult to save screenshots. 


Of course the whole experience made me search for what lesson was to be learned. Not too sure exactly what it is as of yet. But, it made me think about what “system” my spirit-man was operating on. 

I had recently updated the phone’s software. The look was different, things had changed, and it was something fresh and new.


I asked myself, “When was the last time I upgraded my spirit? The last time I did a factory reset? The last time I made changes so that my spirit could run like new again?” Sitting here with this old run down phone made me wonder if God has looked at me in this way.  We get update notifications from him constantly and we will keep hitting ignore or update later.


What if he gets frustrated with us like we get frustrated with outdated devices? What if there are new features he wants to add to us? What if there isn’t enough space available in our spirits for an upgrade because we refuse to open up, because we refuse to simply accept the free upgrade he’s offering? What if our spiritual systems or devices are so outdated that we are missing out?


The message I receive is to: 


1. Be constantly open and ready for a spiritual upgrade 

2. Clean off any weights that will prevent you from being ready for the upgrade

3. Be on the lookout for new updates

**God’s updates and upgrades are always FREE! 





2 thoughts on “Spiritual Upgrade

  1. What a beautiful message, Patricia. It’s exactly what I need to hear too! It also explains why you didn’t answer my text a few days ago. Hahaha! Seriously though, your post spoke to my spirit. We’re not meant to stay the same. We’re meant to evolve and grow deeper in Christ, we can only do that if we allow God to upgrade us. You might feel weaker, slower, maybe it’s your battery is running low or you need an attitude adjustment. That’s God’s way of saying it’s time for a reboot. He may have to shut certain things down for a little bit to regain your attention and work on you. Let him do it—you’ll be so happy he did.

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