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God told me to stop playing with him.

This morning started like any other average morning. Did my hair, took a selfie and read a smidge of the word in my tiny devotional. Hmm. He had another plan. I told myself last night that God wasn’t just gonna drop blessings all “willy nilly”. I need to search for him. Show him I’m serious. I need to sacrifice or put forth a little more effort to get the fullness of him. So, listening to Bethel Live play this morning, these words came into my spirit: “Stop playing with me. You are miserable because you’re looking everywhere where but at me.” I feel God telling me that I’ve used excuses long enough. Because we have his strength in our weakness what excuse is really all that valid? I can’t remember the last time I raised my hands and praised him. I felt ashamed. Beyond ashamed. Because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing PLAYING GAMES WITH GOD. I need to get right before he shows me who He really is, in a way I’ll regret.


2 thoughts on “God told me to stop playing with him.

  1. You are playing with God if the man in jail that you are dating isn’t a blood bought committed Christian. Or if he’s a Muslim or whatever. The Bible commands that we not be unequally yoked with nonbelievers. So praise him… whatever. He demands OBEDIENCE to his REVEALED Word. It isn’t something you have to dig for. Just read it and do it. That is the praise that God craves. Obedience. But you won’t give him up will you?

    1. I appreciate your advice. My post wasn’t an invite for anyone to judge who I’m deciding to spend my life with. The man that you speak of is Muslim and he has been nothing but respectful and encouraging to my Christian walk. Even if I decided to date a Christian its highly possible for two Christians can be unequally yoked. Trust me, Ive been there. No two people will agree fully on everything in life. If and when my heart is convicted it will be my business to handle the situation. Thank you and be blessed.

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