Can We Decide To Make Ourselves Happy?

48a7iStock_000011423371XSmall_depressed_womanI’m really starting to wonder if the advice “If you’re unhappy, do something about it,” really is the best advice. Is there really nothing else you can tell a person that’s miserable with their life? There has to be another option.

Can they truly lift a finger or turn a page and find happiness just sitting on the curb, or at their doorstep? Doesn’t happen to the average person, that’s for sure. I can attest to that. I’ve tried my absolute best to do things that make me happy.

For as long as I can remember PEOPLE have been my happy pill. Those mainly of the opposite sex. But that’s another story. We are speaking of the here and now. I’ve gotten considerably delivered from the needing a man syndrome. At times I question the recovery, but again, that discussion is for later.

So back to the question. Can you just MAKE yourself happy? Can you just decide one day, “Guess I’ll give up depression and sadness and try happiness for a change?”  I’d love to hear responses…

But, my ultimate opinion in the matter is NO. It’s not that easy. Especially for those suffering from depression, being codependent, or those lacking something spiritually.

Yes, we can in fact change our surroundings of people and places that are not good for us. Yes, we can pray for change. Yes, we can try new things. But, what if that’s not enough? What then?


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