Following Christ


The past couple of days has been such a blessing. Sad to say, but I had to begin forcing myself to make communing with God a habit. Beginning my mornings with him, instead of my phone, produced great growth. There was a difference that I could feel throughout the day. I was happier, free, and at peace.

When I began to run out of things to pray for, or about, I just began thanking him. My gratitude list began to grow. Forcing yourself to speak with God and to thank him really opens your mind and heart to see ALL THE THINGS he has blessed you with. When I say things, I don’t mean material. I just mean EVERY SINGLE BLESSING.

I decided last week, that starting today, I’d begin trying a weekly fast with my sweetheart. He fasts every Monday and Thursday. I have never been a  fan of fasting. I’d always try to substitute a food fast for other things. Being a lover of carbs and sweets and all things edible, fasting was never a priority. 

I’m actually believing that God has prepared me to start fasting as it says in the word. We must not just pray but fast as well. All last week those mornings I spent with God has built up my spirit. Preparation for going further in Him. I feel proud to have begun this experience. Physically I feel free, light, and in-tune with my spirit. 

God I pray that you fill me as I am physically empty. Allow me to take control of my flesh and make you proud. Stepping out of every comfort zone that I’ve created. Walking into the destiny that you’ve designed for me.  AMEN


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