Only You Can Change The Station

So I’ve began to realize how much my guitar relaxes me. Even if I just strum for a few minutes the vibration has the ability to ring through my body. It either calms me down or gives me a little extra joy for the moment.

I’ve pretty much mastered four cords: d, c minor, and g. Now I’m learning strum patterns. I guess that would be considered the timing/speed of how you strum the strings. 

 The very first pattern I began to play was sad and kinda depressing. Because that’s all I knew how to play. But then, something told me to pick it up and try again. I strum faster, made the stings sound more exciting and happy… And it happened. I found another strum pattern. A happy one.

The point of this message is to say that we only play the songs in our life that have become habit. We have the power and ability to change the tune, our atmosphere, our outcome.

All we have to do is decide to change






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