Poetry & Writing · Self-Love

My Poem: Beautifully Free

Tired of pretending, smiling as if it doesn’t hurt

Trying not to cry took a lot of work

Allowed you all to mold me, becoming something that I’m not

Which is fearful, ashamed, and easily taunt


Accepted opinions instead of thrown them away

Created a hole, empty, shallow enough for air, and colorlessly grey

Force fed by your approval, confidence devoured, all of me erased

Picked every small piece as words were spat in my face


Nothing ever right, just a shell, walking along

No place for me, every puzzle piece was wrong


My routine for so long, till the hole rejected me

You don’t belong here, there’s something you should see


A world meant for you, and all of your wonderful beauty

A canvas to paint your colors, loud colors completely consuming

A dance floor meant only for your feet

The world an instrument to play, as others take a seat


My life feels half over, and I’m tired of wasting time

I want to be who I am, only making decisions that are mine

Fighting back by speaking out and loving who I’ve become

Living beautifully free – capturing an existence undone.


Patricia Marie 14’



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