My Poem: Beautiful For You

A creation process so defined

To create me for you and you to be mine

A caterpillar to butterfly, a block of clay to a colorful vase

Years living aimlessly lost and hurt, destined to last in your embrace

Ugly tears, bad mistakes, and countless do-overs

To be saved just for you after the lessons taught by others

The future is on our side
despite the length of time

In this way we will create a stronger love with our hearts combined

They say for a change do things a little different

So I’m pouring my heart into yours from a distance

Trusting that God is still at work in me

Removing, rebuilding, to design beauty for you to see

Tomorrow is only a mental state, imagine our now in this moment

Accept what is, with the how, and constantly grow with it

In the end I know I’ll be beautiful for you

But for now we will dream of tomorrow till reality is due…


Patricia Marie 2014





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