Turning Around-Letting Him Lead

In every positive quote or story they say, “Don’t look back!” My question is, what if we left God behind us? Then in that case we most definitely must stop in our tracks, turn around, and position ourselves to the correct order of things. HE is leader, and I am the follower.

To speak for myself, I know I am a busy body when it comes to trying to plan and perfect things especially when it comes to my life and how I feel it should look. We move so fast at times and expect God to fall wherever he can fit. Instead we should empty our lives and allow him to fit things into place as he sees fit.

Rushing is my problem. I have never taken the time to slow down to listen, to open myself long enough for God to fill me up. I was busy filling up with things and people that were temporary blockers to distract me from God’s plan. Most times I’ve moved so quickly that I have to drop my head in shame because I moved so fast that I left God in the dust. Over and over I had to turn around and start from the beginning. This time taking his hand and letting him lead.

I guess my constant prayer needs to be for him to guide my vision AND feet. A lot of times my peripheral vision sees the glitz and glam on the sideline that causes me to drop HIS hand and stray off. And there I am again, turning back around finding where I left off. Meanwhile, this journey becomes longer and longer. Much like the Children of Israel that held up their journey by all the complaining, ungratefulness, and their opinions of what they think and feel is best.   

So, I’m taking a breather, giving the reigns to God as I should have in the first place. And for once, letting him guide my steps. 


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