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My Poem: Mr. Wait For Me

So I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve learned to discern

What type they are, from the many heartbreaks and burns


They’re all looking different but most the same plan

Acting Christian, churching it up, but still a man


Yes, we’re all of flesh, and temptation arises

However, sadly leading to relationships ending as surprises


It never fells, and they never understand

Which confuses me, they claim to be a god fearing man

Saying the right words, and I miss you texts

Sweet forehead kisses, then comes the conversation of sex


“God has blessed me with you, you’re constant on my mind

Your spirit is sweet, a woman like you is hard to find”


A smile and hug, then the, “I wanna make you my wife”

“You’re so special, and I need you in my life.”


There’s none like you babe, and you complete me.

I’m myself around you, and with you a future I see”


So, at the moment, giving just a little seems okay

And then, god’s purpose is pushed further away


Planning to just cuddle, for a little while

Lust born as the taste of candy to a child


Ignorantly trapped, flaming desire for a romantic shell

The spiritual man has vanished; left only is his address in hell


Now numb to the sweet words, I can’t take them seriously

Because of past losers corrupting, pure love spiritually


Taking the ounce of trust left of heart and soul

But the blame’s 50/50. I also played a role


God has his hands on me, and gives me free will

But at times, i loose myself, mistakes needing to heal


Trusting the wrong one, instead of the most high

Loving him first is key, not some fake-ly saved guy


Ignoring warnings, and stop signs

‘Cus he’s tryna be saved lord, and he’s oh so fine


There comes a time when it’s time to chill out

Kick it with myself and figure me out


Learn to be beautiful on my own

Happy with self, while all alone


Completely satisfied with who I am

And not blindly validated by a man


In love with god and his grace

Seeing him shine brightly, smiling in face


God has a divine purpose, masterfully orchestrated

And maybe I’d be living it NOW if so many times I would have waited


But every lesson has a learning point

And that area becomes a testimony that god will anoint


This is my testimony, no longer searching for him, and he

I’m waiting for god to send me Mr. wait for me.


And until that time comes, I’m still happy

Because no matter what, it’s the lord that completes me


Patricia Marie 2011


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