Following Christ · Poetry & Writing

My Poem: Hosea

Heart’s bleeding for love,
And its beating to a sad song.

He’s brought me to a place I never thought I’d be
Large dose of reality, the book of Hosea, was all about me.

Ms innocent I thought I was, and everyone broke my heart.
But ms. guilty I stand accused, God’s heart I tore apart.

I’m the defendant, ashamed, head hung low, waiting for trial.
Call me Gomer, truth revealed, rejected by the pit of denial.

I ran from God when he was to be my spouse.
But he took everyone away, and left standing, only his house.

He boldly acted as Hosea, a husband, and prayed me back home. 
He revealed where I needed to be, when I was stripped of the world and left all alone.

How ashamed I feel now that the mirror stands in front of me.
Never realized I put God second and took advantage of his love constantly.

I settled, I compromised, and thought things were fine.
All the while, I delayed destiny, The great purpose divine.

Truth be told this journey to wilderness was meant to be, 
Because without the pain, and loneliness, I wouldn’t have found god in me.

*Patricia Marie 2010*


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