Poetry & Writing

My Poem: Hate You On Paper

You knew it was comin’ sooner or later. 
I had to hate you down on paper.
Still trippin’, on how in the world
Cant understand how I became your “girl”
How can an angel fall for a lame
Only thing escapes me is your name
But I cant forget how you think you played me
But in all truthfulness, you got played you see.
Cus I learned a lesson about dudes like you
They lie and cheat and do what they gotta do.
To get you to believe everythings all good
Like they care and your feelings are understood
I let you need me cus you had nothing, and no one
Gave you a chance, myself, that special someone.
Things failed quick, got dry, then I realized.
You were a user, my heart became paralyzed
Then quickly back to life, and back on track
Time to go my dude, I’ll help you pack!
Something funny happened, can’t help but laugh
I learned my lesson, now it’s a craft.
Neva take them seriously, Most of them are jokes
Like lying politians striving for ballet box votes.
Never a real man, merely a young kid
But I never judged all the crying you did.
When I say little people, this means you
You cant reach my level, this is so true.
You wasted my time, And that’s seriously okay.
Cus you another lesson learned, nothing more to say.

Patricia Marie 2010


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