Poetry & Writing

Sender Unknown: Poetry Collaboration


Author: Patricia Marie

 It’s hard to believe that it’s been this long and times still unfair

Me wishing you here, and me wishing you wanted me there.

Counting the days, till I take the place, and stand as the woman you need

Settled with a daydream, wondering if you’re happy with the life you lead.

 Is it just a lie that I moved on. Have I denied, Did I really stop.

or are the feelings meaningless like the contents of a spam box.

 I guess I will never know, because we have both grown

I’ll say goodbye, package this love, sender unknown.


Author: C.T.

Dear recipient of this message, this took some time to write

Not in the sense of pen to pad but in the selection of which words are right

Thinking of ways to tell you, I dream up the day of “us”

Where love becomes a reality, depleting the habits of lust

 Knowing that I am the one who should be the only one you need

As you search through improgressive relationships…please realize, I am he

Ways to make me noticeable, to the likings of your standards

I contemplate over and over, jotting things down until my hand hurts

I hope you don’t ignore this message, introducing it amongst your spam box

Try to listen to the words that are printed & you not treat this as a call dropped

 For now I am a stranger un-introduced to the knowledge of you

Hoping to be a factor, a common denominator in things you do

Why don’t I just come forward, why wont I just speak up

You belong to someone else, so my attitude remains in a state of “for what”

I know you are busy with your day to day life, so I tried not to make this long

No need for a response, it’s highly impossible, I’ll just remain that Sender Unknown

                                                      Sender… Unknown


Author: Patricia Marie

First thought was to hope that the words were true

Because I know, you have a vivid imagination of words inside of you.

All I’ve ever wanted was the same.

Me beside you, as your wife and last name.

Was a hopeless dream I’d never thought reality

Just thought i never met the mold, was just plain me.

Like a crazy notion, idea far fetched

I never thought we matched, you as the catch.

IF only you knew, you were the number one perfect.

I lied to myself; felt the struggle wasn’t worth it.

Felt you never would care like I really did,

So I played thuglady and kept my feelings hid.

I chose second best knowing you were number one.

Fell in love only in the end seeing myself as dumb.

I love everything about you from the mind to the love you give

I know I’ll never forget our everything as long as I live.

Everything happens for a reason, this I know.

Things are revealed when people let their guards go.

 A door has been opened, and trust has been lost.

Knowing that matrimonial ties have been broken, comes at a cost.

Maybe this was something to open my eyes.

To his love that was never there, although he denies.

 But now A love I tried to ignore is now here again.

One too strong to remain only a friend.

I wish to make a contribution, and call this a seed that’s sown

But now reality makes this a seed unable to reach

The sender unknown.

I can’t ignore your message, because it means so much.

How I’ve long to hear these words, now I feel so crushed.

Torn between knowing truth

 But wanting you.


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