Poetry & Writing

My Poem: Adieu

Mentally exhausted from the dream I had

Woke up pretty tired and just a little sad

Though it wasn’t real, it felt just the same

Reminder of my weakness and the power you have to gain

I dreamed just of one, but woke up thinking of them all

Each one that has a piece of my heart, the ones that let me fall

So I’m making a bold decision to say goodbye today

Removing you from my heart in the most creative way

I no longer want to be held or bound to either of you

In need of a fresh start so as the french say, I bid you adieu…


To Mr. I know all the chicks want me, she’ll never say no

Tell her what she wants to hear, lie enough she’ll never let go

Keep her on the side line, play all sorts of games

Tell her she’s number 1, meanwhile running the same lines to a list of names

Sanctified and holy, preaching the word

Fit for Christ but no prayer ever heard

The worst of all, I say to you goodbye!

To Mr. Upstate, hard exterior & soft on the inside

All about respect gained and number one priority is your pride

Close friend, thief in the night, to fly in and hold

Dare to share feelings you’d be so bold

And as quickly as you came, left out forever

Taking a piece of me that I swore as never

To you I give a bitter sweet goodbye & I wish you the best

To Mr. Arrogant and no one else matters, you’re number one

Got’s to have the last laugh, never serious, constant fun

No responsibility despite commitment and promises

Broken down by lies and recants everything he says

I’m taking my heart, joy, and strength back. To you I also say goodbye.

To the last, but first two, taught me love early on

First heart breaks, yearnings, and how love is never gone

I still must say goodbye to the unhealthy obsession

To break free from fantasy and release the confession

Every since you both, I’ve compared them all

Thought back to you both every single fall

To Mr. Bad Boy you were all I knew

The good, the bad, and loved you no matter what you’d do

Such a bully, but loved you none the less

No other boy was worth what you gave best

Affection and tough love all in one

My everything, my all, a young girls moon and sun

Loved you so long ago, no surprise, I still do

But you’re not the best for me,

So I’m sorry, I also have to say goodbye to you.

To Mr. Lyrical, every word is poetry with rhythm and power

Vain to say the least. A love that has been both sweet and sour

Timing our enemy, But you my hero so early on

Rescued me with your words and charm

Perfectly mastered, like a platinum album

You’ve been on repeat all these years, our future unfathomed

Sounds so perfect still not enough

Been your falsified number 1, but sucked it up, played tough

My goodbye to you will be the hardest

You, my favorite muse, kindred artist

I thank you for the journey, to you, at last I say goodbye!

~Patricia Marie 2013~


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