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Poem: Broken To Be Fixed

Broken-hearted & confused

Finally time to tell the truth

I’m my own worse enemy

Causing self injury

What once was physical has come full circle

Now all damage inflicted to the spiritual 

There’s a void created from long ago

I’ve created my own anecdote

All hid on the inside, now too full to contain

But in this place I refuse to remain

I’ll now testify to clear the way

Lifting my hands to surrender, Lord give me the words to say

Testosterone, my favorite drug

Strong, handsome, always just enough,

And rejection my kryptonite,all seems to fail

But all I need is just a little attention, now all is well

Allowing the enemy to fill me with lies

Letting lust & temptation lead me to compromise

Well he said he loved me, kissed my forehead

That’s got to mean something. Meanwhile spirits close to dead

He only pushed me once, cheated twice, and God says to forgive

Blinded by my addiction, needing their love to live

Dying on the inside to be awake on the outside

Ignorant to truth, as they left I’d fall to cry

Victimized myself, oh why me

But reality is, all was a blessing I couldn’t see

All was God’s plan, to place my feet on his solid ground

And in his arms to assure I’m safe from harm

Broke me into as many pieces as he could

Till finally realizing no one would love me like he would

Broke me, to fix me, for his perfect will

Now trusting only him. Believing one day I’ll be completely healed 

Pushed me to see nothing & no one can take his place

I now seek nothing and no one but his face


Patricia Marie 2013





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