Following Christ

No Storm Is Strong Enough To Block The Sun

So I saw a movie over the weekend: Unconditional .One of those films that has you in tears, and leaves you feeling refreshed & encouraged all at the same time. The most inspirational theme that was throughout the movie was a story of a small bird. He asked his mother one day why God allowed storms to get rid of the sun. His mother simply told him that he would understand one day. He just needed to walk on the clouds. Time past and the bird asked the question again.

She told him to fly up past the clouds. His wings were much stronger now so he did what he was told. He flew past the cloudy storm, all the way up on top of the clouds.As he broke through, he saw the sun on the other side. His mother explained to him that there are no storms strong enough to allow God to get rid of the sun. So, in regards to my past storms and those that are to come, and even a REAL cloudy day, I am remembering that the sun is ALWAYS shinning on me. That NO STORM is strong enough to block the sun.

The movie was awesome, to say the least. Based on true events, the two characters were best friends as children and are reunited in a happenstance type of way. One moment brought them together that would change so many lives. It was one of those movies that has you believing you know what will happen, but you are totally wrong. I don’t want to say too much so, rent it!


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