Following Christ

Self-Love, Healing, and Spirit-Restoration is on a rise

Within the past week or so I’ve begun to discover the true power of prayer, commitment to GOD, seeking, and getting into the word. Not only has he seen my tears, showed me he heard my prayers, but delivered me from old habits and replaced them with a new mindset.

I’ve begun to read devotionals daily, and have gotten to the point where I want to jump a day ahead to see what it says next. This experience started prior to May 1st but I began reading Jesus Calling May 1st, and I couldn’t believe how the words spoke right through my spirit. It’s not just the fact that the text is written as if Jesus himself is speaking, it was just because the words are what I needed to read at the exact moment.

Everyday since It’s been the same way. God has been speaking right to me. Never has any reading material done this for me. On top of that, I have began reading Red Sea Rules which gives 10 steps to getting through difficult times. I’ve grown and changed in this short time. Step #1 has assured me that I first have to realize God has me right where he wants me. Nothing has been by chance. Today that certainly manifested truth to me. I heard things at the exact right time. Confirmation that I’m headed in the right direction. Confirmation that he’s listening to me, feeling what I feel, and guiding me.

I’ve been praying more than I’ve ever prayed before. Affirming things with the belief that they will happen. Self-Love, Healing, and spirit-restoration is on a rise. My hands are lifted to receive it all. I’ve been asking God to not only get me to where I was before, but past better than before. I feel him working on me. I feel myself changing.

Old desires are not as strong, if at all present. I want more than, better than, what I wanted before. I am not who I was before.


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