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Poem: Pretending

Amazing how you’d have it all & never really realize,

Till it’s too late & nothing is before your eyes.

Had it made & wanted for nothing.

But everything outside had to give you something.

A God given gift as you say I do.

But that really never really mattered to you.

Just a way out of the smoke & dust.

Lying all the while, pretending to love an absolute must.

Gotta keep up the act before losing your comfort zone.

Because before “us” you had no home.

Underneath, ignorant & ugly not keeping it together.

Letting the mask fall, costume never forever.

Should be ashamed & hate yourself.

Mr. worthless, but I’m speaking for my health.

Never enough for you, blinded by foolishness.

Think you’d know by now, look what’s happening to us.

You don’t deserve any of me.

A wasted blessing, if only I’d known what would be.

But we don’t time travel. Life’s no edit undo.

So I’ll just close my heart, you do what you want to do.

Go back to your nothing & your no good life.

Because I’m so tired of pretending to be your wife. 

Patricia Marie 2012


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