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Crazy Lady Praise

So this morning on my ride to work I think I surprised myself a lil’. Never really realized I had been holding back on intimate worship & praise when I’m alone with God. Didn’t fully understand that I was afraid to yell out or scream or even whisper a Hallelujah . I’ve escaped my box quite a bit and never recognized it was still a little more growing i had to do. i had to do a little more to show the enemy that i’m no longer afraid to lift my hands, “even when I’m driving.” because Jesus took the wheel. I RECEIVED a word this morning from jamal bryant’s sermon “I need some closure“. so much he said touched my heart and i just COULDN’T hold it in anymore. first i let the wheel go without thinking and began clapping as if i was sitting in a front pew shouting, “yes, yes, thank you god!!” then from there it became tears and slowly my shouts rose louder till eventually my car became my SANCTUARY. THAT’S the boldness i’ve been wanting. when you are no longer afraid to be yourself is when you know you’re free. i BELIEVE i’ve just received my diploma at

god’s glory INSTITUTE.


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