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Purge-Cleansing-Detoxification PRAYER

Really can’t say lord, how this point came to be,

Can only blame myself ignoring what I could see

Hiding from reality and reaching for the right now

Knowing something’s not right, ignoring every doubt.

Adding more grout to the walls, making cleansing so far off.

Pounds of worry, unhappiness, and toleration, mounds of joy lost.

Excuse after excuse, bound by lies and ignorance

And evil awaited in the prettiest fashion, just by chance

So accepting fault, recognizing blame,

You’re the only one I can run to for change.

I’m ready now to be purified, cleansed, made new

The only joy, pleasure, and obsession i want is You

Shed the pounds of misery, erase damage I’ve done,

Change my taste for the past, make your sweetness the only one

Change my view, and take the blinders off

Help me to see all that’s pointless and should be lost

Because my walls are toxic and depleted of substance

Fulfilled by pleasure only found through circumstance.

Take my faults and turn them for good

Reveal the lesson to be learned and completely understood

Make it plain as day to the evil that resides,

That it has no place here and can no longer hide.

Every spirit that captivated my mind, and led me astray

Remove the welcome in me and demand it’s eviction today.

Hallelujah I’m free, I feel the walls breaking down

Joy to you God, I’m no longer bound

By any captivity of addiction, there’s no more contamination found

I speak it clear, bold, and fast

This will be a new start, not bound by my past.

My mistakes will not hold me prisoner, I’ll shed the years away.

And now I say…


Dedicated to any woman that has let life HOLD HER DOWN.

To any woman that has not reached their full potential in the Lord BECAUSE OF WEIGHTS IN LIFE.

To any woman ready to DROP THE LOADS picked up in life.

Those that are ready to be FREE AND WEIGHTLESS IN JESUS.

Patricia Marie 2012


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