Poetry & Writing


It’s so hard to forgive when the pain remains

Tension arises when I hear your name

My spirits drained, I’ve gone backwards

You’ve wasted my value by your actions, your words

I’m thinking how quickly I forgive again and again

And every time we’re where we once began

Healing from the past and low to the ground

I prayed you see the queen you found

Instead you’re just as bad if not worse

So again I feel the wrath of love’s worse curse

Never to sit and meditate on me

All self, and focused on self completely

A broken record, never good enough

Breaking myself to call your bluff

Proving I can be this figment of your mind

But never quenching your thirst so all is wasting time.

Everyone else seems to be just it

But I can’t turn left or right just to vent

I’ve done what you expect, can’t do what you do

Because you’re right, I’m always wrong, compared to you

A new smile just appears, and oh what a friend

But tables get turned and insults of dark places I’ve been

What I envisioned is in a mirror trapped inside

Saw one thing but I’ve turned to see what you can’t hide

By: Patricia Marie 2012


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