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Hiding behind my faith, because you have none

Protected by my favor, not your charm

No one else if not me

But you take that for granted constantly

Pretending there’s a new start
But all things old remain in your heart

Forgetting that we are one not two

You severed our ring, opened the exit door in you.

Now under attack I feel the enemy

He has you and refuses to leave without me

I’ve stopped praying cus it takes all I have

I’m left with noise, and numbness, and my energy is at half

Trying to stay strong not let Satan win

But it will take us both to get victory over him

So here’s the situation, no if ands or buts

Either you want to work or I’ve had enough

I refuse to let the enemy in

I’ve kept him out up till now and turned from sin

The spirits in you have caused me grief

And holding on to change was my belief.

Now that we are at time number 349

I no longer am caring about any souls but mine.

I release you to let god have his way

I won’t lift a finger, or have another word to say

Wiping my hands of this figment of a union

Sitting back relaxing and tuning in

Seeing what unfolds before my eyes

God will lead me to the shore before the tides

I’m safe because I believe and pray

That you realize before it’s too late one day.

I’ll be gone and living my purpose

With or without you just myself, no us

It’s your choice, your free will

I no longer will care, or will fit this bill.

By: Patricia Marie 2012


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