Poetry & Writing

Fed Up


Learning to cry silently, drying tears that fall.Quickly sucking up every word, name & all.
Used to take a lot to wet my face.
But now, deeper pain takes its place.
Never good enough or simply just right,
As if disgust falls in his sight.
Too stupid to know what he means.
Trying my best to light fire and jump the rings.
An entire circus act, a completely sold out show.
Underpaid, overworked, & no other place to go.
Reaching a breaking point, soon to explode.
Completely confused, no explanations to hold.
Trying my best to deny regret,
I can’t possibly have been that stupid.
Besides, all’s fair in love & war.
No matter the trial, for richer or poorer.
Keeping strong in sickness and health.
Bonded for life happily till death.
Still breathing but heart is weak.
Love, trust, honesty hides as I seek.
Never able to compare to desires.
Falling short to what his acceptance requires.
From a mold one of a kind.
So unique. So hard to find.
But never mind that & the value it holds.
Taken for granted as the distance grows.
Trying to not care, or sweat the small stuff.
But, as the song says, when a woman’s fed up…

By: Patricia Gamble 2012


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