Poetry & Writing

Poem: My Hair

My Hair
Its not just the hair that’s heavy
but the words, the opinions, and don’t do it’s around me
I figured it was time to just be me
a different me that is under the hair i see
Tired of slicking on more gel to hide imperfections,
finally realizing, my constant misconception.
I’ve hid under the relaxer, bows, and hair bands
spent countless hours begging for approval finding anyone who understands
tried every style imaginable, all the while creating more damage within
see, it’s not just about the hair, but learning to be my own friend.
I wasn’t happy with me or what I saw.
Decided to make a change, the biggest change of all…
ready to let the baggage go and focus on self,
Caring only of my thoughts, and no one else’s
adjusting to who I really am, loving all of me
not using style and fashion to block what i need to see
that beauty within shines outward, radiant and bright
that my hair is not its extension, but just another added sight
but who am i trying to convince, all these explanations, of the circumstance…
my future perception of self, is in my own hands.
By: Patricia Marie Gamble 2012





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