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Poem: Keep Me Till The End

Keep Me Till The End

Such a long road to walk, when you feel yourself drifting.

Just to sit back and do nothing, so tempting.

Satan sneaks in with doubt and hides.

The small spirit filled portions no longer satisfy.

An urge for more grows, as the spirit grows weak.

Reaching for the lord, waiting for him to speak.

The enemy knows what you need and stirs your mind.

Leading you further from the truth, closer to the lies.

Something’s gotta give, cus this box is kinda tight.

I need to move forward, but which way is right.

And nothings left, but the old… that’s barely keeping me alive.

Cheating on my connection, logging on elsewhere just to survive.

Even if I step out on faith, what is meant?

Strip malls, fashion shows, reality faith-er-tainment?

Theatrical trailers, getting saved every 3rd Sunday,

Poetic prayer request, shedding tears for just one day.

New heels on to show off the new praise.

Make up just right to testify his grace.

Next to brotha sunshine, head of the deacon board.

Waving and shouting, while the Extra lip shine is ignored.

Tired of the trends causing my multifaceted reservations.

Can’t attend when broke, and the half hour drum led praise sessions.

Lock the doors when the trays come round,

And bow to me… cus of… how good I sound.

And give a lil extra when I speak of cars, and houses aiming just right.

But I won’t say too much, don’t wanna ruin the sinner’s appetite.

You know we need the funds to keep the doors open.

Meanwhile, watered down sermons got the congregation spiritually chokin’.

Automated services to pay the tithes.

Pastor’s receptionist scheduling my hello’s and goodbye’s.

Lost in a denominated world of who’s right, who’s wrong.

When fact remains there’s still one god, and we’re singing the same song.

There’s still only one way, one truth, and Satan’s still a liar!

There’s still one heaven, and will always remain that lake of fire.

But what am I to do, spiritually tired, lost in transition,

Needing a move, a change, an expressive recognition?

More confused than before, running out of prayer.

I mean, is this a test, God are you still there?

Tell me what to do. I’m lost down here.

Being on the wrong path, my all-time fear.

My salvation is up to me, so I’ll keep kneeling to find my way.

I’m giving my feet to you lord, accepting come what may.

Guide me closer, and feed my hungry soul.

Keep me right & humble, give me peace to hold.

In this crazy world I’m separate from, but in…

Keep me till the end.

By: Patricia Marie Gamble ~ April 2012~


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